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Also cheeses, nuts and coconut oil, olive oil for fats. If you get into details, then even foods in the "eat free" group have a limit, and on the other hand foods in the "avoid" group could be eaten on rare occasions and in small amounts (e.g. tropical fruits). In addition to the sugar issue, I have packed on 5 to 6 pounds of extra weight in my mid section.


The keto diet fits the puzzle — it’s all about that high-fat-low-carb system. Low carb diets have been found to not only cause an increased rate of fat burn, but also significantly lower your appetite.


This is believed to be due to its beneficial effects on appetite regulating hormones such as leptin and ghrelin — which leads to additional reduction in caloric intake, and subsequent weight loss. What some people may not know is that sleeping, and not just the diet, can cause the body to go into ketosis, assuming it’s for eight hours and no food is consumed three to four hours before going to bed.

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